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Our company began in 1999, Alhamdulillah, out of a need for men and women's Islamic clothing for brothers and sisters in the Tulsa area. Moderate and Islamic clothing was difficult to acquire directly, and online sources were both expensive and slow to arrive. Waiting for an Islamic convention didn't seem terribly practical, so we began searching for sources in the Middle-East. Eventually, we obtained reliable sources of quality merchandise. Additionally, some of Sumaiya's design ideas gained attention, and tailors were sought to manufacture them affordably.

Seeing as we were already importing clothing from Middle-Eastern countries, it seemed a natural progression to also carry perfumes, oils, and other personal hygene items. Then came the furnishings, and well... now, insha'Allah (God willing) you can get just about anything from us!

Halal chicken, goat, sheep and calves are also available, slaughtered as a courtesy by brother John. Halal animals are only available locally; we cannot ship halal meat.


The partnership of a few households of Muslims, insha'Allah, we'll be able to serve your needs as well. If there's anything you're interested in but don't see here, please don't hesitate to contact us. It is our intention to serve you to the absolute best of our collective abilities.