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Starantez comes from the desert as recently as one of his fifth-generation ancestors - a rare thing in a stallion of his age. Cressida was a mare of outstanding character who passed her loving, easy-going nature on to her children. Starantez is doubled up on Cressida. Here are a few shots of other family members of this old-style Arabian stallion.
Kamil Ibn Salon, Starnantez paternal grandfather, is show here (photo by Dr. M.)
As you can see, Starantez is a bit more substantial than his grandpa, but one can also see that grandsire's influence in the head and shoulders. Perhaps the star itself is inherited from him as well.

Here we have the lovely head of Starantez mother, Filigree.
Below is Star's dam being ridden by a young man. Notice the lack of heavy tack?
These Davenports are so easy-going, one barely needs string to work with them. Ask them anything, they're happy to please. But no one likes being told what to do!

And this is a postcard of Antez, showing off the same metallic coat and flaxen mane with darker tail that Starantez so proudly sports. It's easy to see the family resemblance!
Thanks for visiting Star's family. That's all for now, but I look forward to gathering more images of this wonderful boy's line as time goes on. Look for a * next to the menu selection, which will indicate something has changed.